The formerly anonymous events center shown with its new nameplate. UCCU’s sponsorship was announced by President Holland Aug. 30. Andrea Lindgren/UVU Review

During a press conference on Monday, Aug. 30, President Holland announced the continuation and expansion of a long standing relationship with UCCU.

“We are entering into a 10-year agreement. [The school will receive] $250,000 a year from Utah Community Credit Union in return for the naming of the events center,” Holland said.

The events center has been without a sponsoring name since January of this year, when the McKay name was moved to the Education Building.


Administrators had been approached by a few interested donors; however, only a few weeks ago this university and UCCU decided to come together in this new partnership.

“They came forward with a great offer and they’ve been a great longtime partner,” Holland said.

“This is not just about money; it’s about relationships; it’s about the community; it’s about what helps everybody overall.”

The university and UCCU have worked together since 1970, and this new agreement is made with hopes to further the relationship between the two entities.

“We are pleased at this opportunity to deepen our relationship with UVU,” said Steve Mann, UCCU vice chair.

More importantly, however, this new sponsorship is done with the hope that it will help boost the university during a time of record growth and need.

“This comes at an absolutely critical time for this university,” Holland said. “As people are aware, we are experiencing record breaking enrollment growth in the middle of a continually challenging macroeconomic time. As public resources are becoming thinner, for the private sector to step in is absolutely essential for this university to rise up and achieve it’s full potential.”

According to Mann, the school plays a vital role in educating UCCU members’ children and grandchildren. They felt it was time to show their appreciation for the university by providing the much needed financial backing.

Also in attendance was Utah County Commissioner Gary Anderson, who was pleased with the announcement and continuing partnership.

“I’ve never seen a university so engaged in the community as this university,” Anderson said. “They give so much to the community; we thought the community ought to give back.”

As the events center houses various sporting matches, a portion of the funds provided by UCCU will go towards athletics.

The major part of the money received will, however, go towards educational  obligations, including scholarships and other critical initiatives, according to Holland.