New vice president of Human Relations Ron Price did not play at UVU and will not have to juggle his schedule with the Utah Jazz. Randyl Nielson/UVU Review

The name Ronnie Price is back on campus, but this Ronnie goes by Ron and isn’t a basketball star like the Ronnie you may be thinking of.

On Monday, January 10, Ronnie J. Price, Sr. began his new position as associate vice president of Human Resources. “I’m happy I made the decision to come to UVU.” said Price, who has a very extensive background in Human Resources.

According to his profile from UVU’s website Price has a B.A. degree in Business and Political Science, a MA degree in Public Administration and has completed all requirements, except the dissertation, for a PhD degree in Government. All of these degree are from the University of Virginia.

“We feel that Ron will provide the leadership and vision that is needed as UVU continues to manage skyrocketing enrollment growth and the subsequent challenges that come with finding, hiring, and managing top talent in terms of faculty and staff to serve our students,” said Val Peterson, UVU vice president for administrative and legislative affairs, in the press release.

Price is excited that he was able to come to the school during the Marin Luther King commemoration week. Seeing the big names that were willing to come to UVU was a good sign for Price. “It assures me that the there is a good learning environment at the school,” Price said.

Price is excited to be able to bring a different perspective to the campus and university. Trying create a more diverse campus is a goal that Price wants to accomplish.

Trying to create more full time faculty and PhD faculty positions on campus is another goal that Price thinks will help the school be more successful. He also understands the importance of adjunct professors and wants to have them involved in the learning process.

“Adjuncts often have real world experience,” Price said. “They have connections to the industries they teach in.”

According to Peterson the school really liked Price’s participating leadership style, engaging personalty and his ability to research and make an informed decision.

Price has had a very smooth transition moving from the University of Virginia, were he spent the majority of his career. “The community has been very warm and welcoming on many different levels and I’m grateful for that,” Price said.