A new addition to the school, the waitlist system, has been put in place to accommodate the growth this university is facing.

According to Ryan Burton, director of admissions, the waitlist system is better than trying to get a professor’s signature on an add card before another student does.

Because the system is a recent addition, some students may need help navigating it.

To break it down, it operates on a “first come, first served basis and it’s the fairest way we’ve been able to do this,” Burton said.

Rather than having to wait in front of a computer screen for hours at a time, students can get on the waitlist for a filled class. Once someone ahead of them drops the class, the student will be notified by email that a space has opened up. The student will then have 24 hours to either register for the class through UVLink or forfeit the place on the waitlist.

Though registration has been open for several months now, it is not too late to try to get into a class. Students can be waitlisted until Aug. 31, as others may continue to drop classes throughout the beginning of the semester.

At midnight on Sept. 1, the waitlist will be abandoned and the add card will return. Students will, however, only have one week to get into a class via the add card, at which point the fall schedule will be set.

The waitlist also helps administrators learn which classes students are most interested in, depending on the length of each waitlist.

As always, the best way to get into those desirable courses is to register early, but if students happen to miss that boat, there’s always the waitlist.