The links between our physical lives and spirituality remain mysterious for many of us. Various explanations for these links, while sometimes leading to more confusion, are often some of the most thought-provoking parts of our conscious lives.

In an attempt to help answer some of these questions, the Carl Jung Society of Utah will present a lecture by the tale-weaver and expert mythologist Michael Meade at the Jewish Community Center in Salt Lake City on Oct. 8.

Meade will draw material for his lecture, “Facing Fate, Finding a Destiny,” from ancient myths in a wide range of world cultures.

According to the Jung society website, Meade will speak about the soul’s two agreements upon entering the world, one being an unchangeable destiny, the second being self-determined and tied up in the actions and responsibilities of the individual.

“The Jung Society was set up to bring different depth socially and psychologically,” said Rene Kolga, vice president and co-founder of the Jung Society of Utah. “We are happy to broaden our topics, and Meade is definitely rooted in Jung’s psychology.”

Meade and the Jung Society will also hold a workshop Oct. 9 at the Jewish Community Center. The price for the general public will run about $100, but if for those seriously thinking about things like fate and its influence in life, this may not be something pass

up — especially considering it combines Jungian psychology and Meade’s philosophies and stories.

“When faced with stressful events, such as a job loss or break up with loved ones, the psyche experiences a blow,” Macheil Klerk, founding president of the society, said. “In these troubled times, Meade suggests that it is helpful to look at what’s happening in our daily lives from the soul’s perspective, rather than looking from our daily ego’s point of view.”

In addition to Mead’s lecture, the Jung Society offers many events on the first Thursday of each month at the University of Utah’s Union Building; however, this months lecture will be on a Friday. The events generally involve more than just a lecturer. Meade’s lecture will also feature brief tarot card readings before and after the event, as well as artwork from the Phillips Gallery, giving the event an informal community type of atmosphere.

“It’s not just a dry lecture, but an interactive event,” Kolga Said.  “We are creating a platform for people to create connections.”

Where: I.J. and Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center, 2 N. Medical Dr., Salt Lake City
When:  October 8 at 7 p.m.
Tickets: Free (donations suggested)
For more information, visit