Roal remains ironically detached. Photo by Kelsie Monson / UVU Review

Roal remains ironically detached. Photo by Kelsie Monson / UVU Review

10. “Iron Man 2”

I’ll be honest: I didn’t fall in love with the first movie, and I don’t know if the sequel will win me over. But superhero sequels have developed a pattern of completely outdoing their predecessors (see also: “Spider-Man 2,” see also: “The Dark Knight”) and the hype over this one has me interested. That, and it’s hard to resist Mickey Rourke.

9. “Howl”


James Franco’s been slowly developing his skills in deeper roles, and starring in this docudrama as Allen Ginsberg may be an important turning point for that growth.

8. “Clash Of The Titans”

Three confessions. First: I haven’t seen the original. Second: I have a crush on Sam Worthington. Third: I am tempted by movies that look so overblown, ridiculous and epic that even YouTube has a hard time buffering the trailer.

7. “Robin Hood”

After much rumor, turns out that Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe are indeed teaming up again after “Gladiator,” this time doing a dark and rugged reworking of Sherwood Forest’s biggest legend, meaning epic win or epic fail. Also: Cate Blanchett hasn’t had her hair this long since “Lord of the Rings.”

6. “Tron Legacy”

A sequel that’s been waiting for decades to get made, this return to the cyber universe of Kevin Flynn boasts visually stunning and cutting edge special effects that may prove to be a match even for “Avatar.”

5. “Inception”

Christopher Nolan (“The Dark Knight”) is returning to his familiar bend-your-mind territory with this psychological thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page, who track down an “idea” that could wrap history. Sounds like other movies…except Chris Nolan is behind this one.

4. “The Rum Diary”

Johnny Depp comes on to do another Hunter S. Thompson adaptation. That this takes place in my homeland of Puerto Rico notwithstanding, this story of a journalist who goes on a bizarre adventure filled with drugs, women, civic corruption and — well, rum — just sounds like a fun movie.

3.  “Alice In Wonderland”

I’m interested in this because not only does it star talented actors and actresses, or because it’s Tim Burton, but also because it’s not a remake. And IMAX 3D? Sounds like a mind-trip not to be missed.

2. “Black Swan”

Darren Aronofsky hasn’t made a bad movie yet, and almost no one does psychological breakdown better. So a thriller with Natalie Portman about two rival ballerina dancers who fall in love and slowly spiral downwards is a definite must-see for me.

1. “Toy Story 3”

Will I sound trite if I say I’ve been waiting for this movie since I was, like, 11? Most of those who grew up with the movie are, like Andy, now in college. After years in production hell (and a brief plot about Buzz getting recalled to China … that’s what happened when Disney tried to do it on their own), Pixar finally got the creative freedom to write a story about what happens when we grow too old for our toys. Can’t wait!