The Midtown Village on State Street in Orem is open for business, offering upscale condominiums and office space for various retailers and businesses.

The $120 million complex, located at 320 S. State Street, towers over the city with eight stories. The first floor is strictly for retail and the second for office space, while elegant condominiums occupy the remaining floors.

"We wanted to provide a unique lifestyle for our residents," said Rob Storey, Midtown’s director of marketing. "Our residents will have the amenities of a hotel but in the comfort of their own home."

These amenities include a fitness center and rooftop swimming pool, room service, 24-hour security, and valet parking. Pizzeria Seven Twelve and Kneader’s Bakery are already setting up shop, while a bridal store, sports memorabilia store, and caterer are scheduled to move in later.

The Hale Center Theater will be taking up residence there as well. And with a few outdoor concerts added to the mix, Midtown Village might be a fresh option for those Friday and Saturday nights.

"Provo has its historical downtown district," Storey adds, "and hopefully we are able to create a sort of ‘downtown’ for Orem."
The Midtown Village isn’t cheap. A single room condo goes for $250,000 while a three room jumps up to $500,000. To those naysayers that find the building a bit of an eyesore, Storey says to give it time.

"This concept is ahead of its time, so it might take time to get used to," Storey states. "There’s not much land to work with in Orem, so vertical, mixed-use buildings are the way to go."

The first phase of the eight-story complex is finished, while the second and third phases are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2008.