The Utah State Board of Regents unanimously approved the first master’s degree for UVU on March 21, a significant milestone for the transition into university status on July 1.

The Dean of UVSC’s School of Education, Briant Farnsworth, said the master’s program has been underway for several years. The master’s curriculum was reviewed by the Board and will begin in Fall semester.

Approximately 105 students have expressed interest in the master’s program in the last year, but only 20-30 will be accepted, as this is its first semester. Tuition and fee rates have been approved by the Board at $220 per credit hour. Several classes through the master’s program will be available to take online.

The college currently offers bachelor’s degrees in Elementary and Secondary education as well as Special Education. The degree is intended to support education locally, mainly in meeting the needs of Utah’s rapidly growing population.

“In anticipating this degree in UVSC’s future, we had discussions with the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) and all the institutions within USHE to find their recommendations, in addition to having conversations with our local school systems to discover their needs in regards to educators,” Farnsworth said.