“This job is kind of like a dream job. Everything I do is outside the building.” – Mark Lindsay

Everyone’s had a part-time job. It may have been torture, it may have paid the bills, but for Mark Lindsay it was an opportunity to do what he loved, even though he didn’t know it initially.


Working the front desk at the local Orem Fitness Center wasn’t quite the dream job.


But when a full-time job opened up, Lindsay took it and waved a reluctant goodbye to six years as a part time P.E. teacher. It was a seemingly small decision, but he never knew what impact it would have on himself and the entire community.


“This job is kind of like a dream job. Everything I do is outside the building,”
Lindsay said.


The Lakeside Sports Complex is a tremendous asset to the region, and it continues to widen its reach. Eight years ago, for example, there were only 32 softball teams and now there are over 300. Programs like tennis, basketball, fishing and t-ball, plus many more, are available for all abilities and age groups.


Lindsay plays softball. Even a blown out knee and a thrown out shoulder haven’t kept him off the field. His first step may not be as fast, but he’s making sure everyone gets a chance to play. Everyone.


Lindsay organizes special events to help community members in need, like the annual golf tournament providing scholarship money to college students interested in a recreational career. Lindsay was also instrumental in getting community recreation websites up and running. “I guess I’ve had a little bit of success,” said Lindsay.


Lindsay is only a few years away from retirement, but that’s the last thing on his mind. “I want to be around for a few more years. I think I have a lot to offer people still,” Lindsay said.


So get out there. Become involved in community sports. Play some games and have fun.


By & Photography: Collin Lawrence