Get published.

Every student on campus has the opportunity to be a published author. “Crescat Scientia” is UVU’s annual journal of history. Established in 2003, the journal is open to both students and staff.

The open submission process goes through mid-spring 2009. Assistant editor Brenda Peterson had her first paper published after her HIST 2710 professor encouraged her to submit one of her assignments.

“It’s a great opportunity for someone who likes history of any kind to share what they know or to extend themselves into the unknown a little,” Peterson said.

‘May knowledge grow,’ the meaning of “Crescat Scientia,” describes the purpose of the journal.

Marisa Dore, the editor-in-chief of the journal, is looking for a variety of submissions, which can be any length as long as they are scholarly and cited properly. This year the journal also wants to print historically themed poems as well as political cartoons.

“We have not done that before so it would be nice to get people who may not enjoy writing a ten page paper, but do enjoy creating poems or cartoons to submit,” said Dore.

Submissions should be turned in on CD (saved in Microsoft Word format) and paper hardcopy at the history department office in LA 030. Enter submissions electronically by sending them to the email address listed on

“Crescat Scientia” has come a long way and will continue to reach broader audiences. “Marisa Dore is doing some great things. She is trying to get the journal recognized by the Library of Congress,” said Peterson.

Information box:
Submission deadline: Feb. 2009
Contact: History Dept. 863-8487
Web site: