After a bad arrangement of debt and business dealings last fall, local farmer Nels Anderson and his family lost their homes and their land.  The only thing left from their farm was a flock of turkeys.

In desperation to make money for his family, the farmer contacted Slow Food Utah, hoping someone would be interested in buying the birds for the holidays.  The locally raised birds were a huge success for the farmer and his family.

“I had 180 turkeys and could have sold 500,” said 43-year-old Anderson. “I turned many people down who were looking for a fresh turkey.”

The farmer instantly started plans for next year with Heritage Valley Poultry, which raises and sells ducks, rabbits, chickens and turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Anderson’s wife, their two children and his father work with him in raising the birds and then selling them for profit in a community just west of Tremonton. The farmer rents out a small facility, which allows him to process the poultry to state standards.

For more information about buying a locally raised turkey from Heritage Valley Poultry call them at 435-770-2365.