Instead of pounding fists on the steering wheel in frustration, already 15 minutes late and still facing the challenge of finding a parking spot, plan ahead.


Campus construction is a necessary burden for UVU in a period of transition and growth and it will get worse before it gets better. However as Utahans, UVU students and faculty know that road work is not confined to one place at a time.


The good news is that the I-15 CORE project, started in April 2010, is halfway over. The bad news is that anyone getting to or from UVU using the interstate will have to endure the lane shifts, ramp closures and traffic delays for at least another year.


Some of the highlights of this project, contracted by Provo River Constructors, include moving more than five million tons of dirt, replacing almost one million square yards of 12-inch thick 40 year concrete and replacing or repairing 63 brid

ges. The project employs 1,600 people.

The best thing drivers and commuters can do to avoid frustration and stay safe is to be informed. UDOT keeps their website up to date and uses social media to keep Utahans in the loop about what is going on. Be sure to check the website,, friend them on Facebook, and follow them on twitter @I15CORE.