Another school year is turning the corner, and student government is preparing for new leadership to take the reins.
There are two teams running for positions on the executive branch of student government. Team Uphoria is headed by Jospeh Watkins running for student body preisdent, Trevor Tooke as executive vice president, Dave Smith as vice president of academics, and Courtney Welch running for vice president of student life. Team Empower is led by Steve Anderson running for student body president, Jeff Engh as executive vice president, Ben Duffy as vice president of academics, and Dani Jarvis running for vice president of activities.

Team Uphoria’s platforms include things the team is ‘uphoric’ about. One platform includes eliminating unnecessary student expenses by instituting a book rental program with the bookstore. Team Uphoria would also like to put a 100% book buyback program into place, as well as get a handle on out of state tuition costs.

Other platforms include being ‘uphoric’ about UVU’s division 1 athletic status and the growth of the MAWL, growth of the campus by getting voting machines on campus, and raising funds to expand the student center and performing arts center. Team Uphoria is lastly ‘uphoric’ about the transition to becoming a university.

The platforms for Team Empower include empowering students through awareness of campus opportunities by conducting forums informing students with explanations on the use of student fees and campus activities as well as the capitol building campaign to get funding for a new science building and performing arts center. Team Empower also wants student voices to stay empowered during the university transition by making sure the campus stays focused on students by being the student voice in meetings with faculty. Awareness of campus resources is the next platform for Team Empower, one they fulfill by spotlighting campus services each month, allowing students to know what resources are available to them and how much the services cost. The final platform Team Empower is running under is that of community involvement in UVU by making UVU a more recognizable entity in the community through providing UVU apparel and other merchandise at other places besides the bookstore.

THE COLLEGE TIMES had a chance to sit down with both candidates for student body president. When asked what made his team different, Watkins said, "We are qualified and ready to work for the students." Watkins also explained his qualifications to be student body president were that he represented a large majority of students because he shares the same concerns as a student, saying, "I love this school and want to serve and make things better."

Anderson said his team differs from the other because, "The dynamics of the teams are different. We (Team Empower) aren’t just student government."

As for qualifications, Anderson said, "The experience that best qualified me to represent 24,000 students is my representation of the largest school on campus (HASS)."
"Both teams are really similar. Both teams will do a good job," concluded Anderson.

Election season began with presidential candidates Steve Anderson and Joseph Watkins debating last week. Voting will be on UVlink starting at 7 a.m. Monday March 3 and ending Wednesday March 5 at 4 p.m. Winners will be announced Wednesday at 6 p.m.