Dear Utah Valley University students,

I would like to welcome you to this great institution on dawn of a wonderful era here at this school. Never have there been such great opportunities for students as there
are now.

As your Student Body President, I would like to inform you that you are a member of Utah Valley University Student Association (UVUSA), and extend an invitation for you to participate in UVUSA by joining one of the many committees that serve the UVU community. UVUSA offers unlimited opportunities to each student, and my hope is that you will take the opportunity to get involved.

Becoming a part of this university has changed the way I look at school and has broadened my educational experience. Through Academic Senate you have the chance to represent the students throughout your school keeping the student voice heard. Working with Student life and activities, you will be part of the biggest dances, best parties, and most elaborate events in the state.

This year the school has joined the Great Western Athletic conference, giving the athletes here at UVU the chance to conference championships. UVUSA is proud of that accomplishment, and look forward to supporting its athletes this year. I encourage each and every student to join the Mighty Athletic Wolverine League (the MAWL) this year in supporting the athletic events that will kick of our first year as Utah Valley University.

Again, I invite you to get involved by stopping by the Student Government Office (SC105) or calling us at (801) 863-8652 or visit or UVUSA Facebook Group.

Utah Valley University Student Association

Joseph Watkins, Student Body President