Some people add real value to the community.


They don’t just reside somewhere, they live there. They don’t just work for a company, they improve it. They don’t see people as just neighbors, they look at them as friends –as people with desires and needs.


Such people that you will find in this issue are Joshua Gore, Barta Heiner, Richard Gregory and Marcie Redd. They work hard to provide quality local entertainment, products, food and art.


As community members who enjoy the fruits of their labors, we should take some time to appreciate them. Really. When you visit a free event, drop a couple dollars in the donations jar. If you enjoyed a meal at a local restaurant, tell the waiter to send your compliments. It sounds cheesy, but the more people who appreciate something, the more demand there is for it, and the better our community can be.


Celeste Tholen Rosenlof
[email protected]