Hey Party People,

It’s that time of year again. The sun’s coming out more, birds are singing, and you’re getting burnt out from the busywork and sleepless nights your classes have forced upon you. If only there were some kind of yearly event, when universities and colleges say to their students “Go nuts for the next couple of days! School is on hiatus!”

Oh, right. That thing exists. Brothers and sisters, Spring Break is upon us.

Now, don’t go too crazy, because it’s just for a measly three days. Maybe next year, when we’ve all grown up a bit and proved how responsible we are, UVU will give us a full week off.  We just haven’t earned it, apparently. Still, three days is enough time for you to cause some good ol’ fashioned trouble, make a regrettable decision or two and kill the part of your brain that’s holding on to what you’ve been learning all semester through a steady diet of midday naps, TV marathons and general springtime iniquity.

And The V? We expect to be so banged up and tired from our 72-hour revelry that we’ve already decided to take next week off as well. That’s right. Your favorite 8-page black-and-white student published “magazine” will not be appearing on the stands next week. You may ask yourself how you will ever survive an entire week without reading our depraved, typo-laden articles about abortion rights and midget wrestling. We think you can handle it. We left you an extra page of events so that you’ll know what’s going on while we’re away. And we’ll be back before you know it. Don’t have any noisy parties while we’re gone, kids. There’s pizza money on the kitchen counter.

Be good,
John-Ross Boyce and Nadia Ashtawy
Editors of The V