Beginning transmission…

…The future is apparently now. Like, as in the present. Nike is about to start producing the self-lacing high tops featured in Back to the Future II.  Video games are looking more realistic, more like movies even, and that’s making your latent attraction to Chun-Li seem less pathological.  Hell, by 2045, some of us are apparently going to just transplant our brains into robot bodies.

These changes are going to be awkward for those of us who haven’t upgraded. Imagine going to a party and trying to compete for action against androids with perfectly-sculpted robo-abdominals and a whole database of charming anecdotes at its disposal.  It’ll be down to the sewers with those of us who can’t hang, technologically speaking. Surface-dwelling will be a thing of the past, like iPods and cars that don’t fly.

That’s why we’re using this week’s issue of The V to get a jump-start on the future, to wrap our heads around the rapid changes that will apparently occur in the next few years. No one likes to be out of the loop. So, brush up on future laws, find out exactly when you should get that new mechanical bod and pray that artificial intelligence doesn’t figure out how useless humans are without gizmos and gadgets…

…End transmission

Nadia Ashtawy and John-Ross Boyce
Editors of the V