Attention V-Readers,

Stop building your earthquake shelters now. You may not need it, and it would be useless anyway. Is the recent seismic turbulence God’s retribution for government-funded abortions? We can’t say. But if it is, make sure the Planned Parenthood you picket actually does what you think it does. Facts can take what looks like righteous indignation and turn it into something ridiculous.

The V wants to give its readers peace of mind before they drown into emotions based on the surface of a story. Nothing cures hysterical ignorant emotions like having the proper information.  Nothing takes a burdensome weight off one’s chest like illumination. Nothing paints a realistic picture like, you know, reality. If you take anything away from this issue, it’s to understand something before you overreact.


John-Ross Boyce and Nadia Ashtawy
Editors of the V