Brothers and Sisters,

It’s seemed like we could use a little churchin’ up lately.

So last week, The V spent a Sunday in the company of the Holy Spirit. That’s right: The V went to General Conference.

We thought we’d explore our spiritual side a little bit; maybe ponder the state of our souls a little bit. Not that we’re going through a complete religious overhaul. You can still count on us for lurid tales and a generally flippant attitude. We just thought we’d take a little break. The Lord Himself did that, right? Check the Bible. Or Google it.

In addition to our General Conference highlights, we have an in-depth article by Jarom Moore about Thomas S. Monson’s admonition that we all get married tout de suite. Also, we’ve got an interview with Joey Mayes, the brain behind Provo’s longest-running house venue and a play-by-play of an incendiary pep-rally faux pas that happened at Alta High. As always, we go onward. Ever onward.

Praise The Lord,
John-Ross Boyce and Nadia Ashtawy
Editors of The V