The welcome extended to students did not stop with jumpstart. Every year, the Latino Initiative and the Department of Student Life hold the Latino Parent Night as part of the freshman orientation program.

“This is a program similar to the general orientation that is designed to encourage parents to be more involved in their son or daughter’s college experience,” said Andrew Stone, program director for new student orientation.

With most of the deans present, every school was represented at the orientation.

“We want to make sure that the students and parents of the Hispanic community know that they are all welcomed at UVU,” said Yudi Lewis, counselor of the Latino Initiative.

This was definitely recognized by the parents who attended the orientation.

“I feel that this orientation is more specific and focused on Latinos and it helps me a lot because it’s direct and I get the information that I need,” said parent Leyla Escobar.

This orientation also aids the leadership of each school, according to Mignon Nicol, academic advisor for the Woodbury School of Business.

“This night lets the parents and students know what we offer, and it’s a great opportunity to answer parents’ questions and for students to see how important advisors are.”

Lewis mentioned that there are also many opportunities available to students through the Multicultural Center, one of which is the Latino Legacy group, part of the Cultural Envoys, which can open opportunities to scholarships. The group performed Latin dances such as salsa and merengue as part of the program.

In his address to students and parents, Assistant to the President Kyle Reyes emphasized the idea that Hispanic students need to focus on their studies, showing that the Hispanic community is growing and working toward achieving educational skill levels that deviate from the oft-expected manual labor.

Lewis and Reyes urged students to focus on their education and work hard so they can act as examples and leaders to the generation that will follow them.