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So here’s the thing: Knitting is really awesome.

There’s nothing quite like taking a skein of yarn that’s so beautiful you want to eat it and slowly transforming it into something of use. Something handmade. Something with a history.

Blazing Needles, a yarn shop and community gathering place in Salt Lake, is a mecca for those who love to create.

Offering classes for every type of knitter, classrooms at Blazing Needles keep busy. Classes include knitting backwards, two-color knitting, finishing techniques, reading patterns, spinning and knit-alongs.

The shop includes a knitting garden – a place for knitters to relax while making mittens, socks, yarn graffiti or woolen underthings.

The variety of luxury yarn at Blazing Needles just cannot be found in Utah Valley. They carry luscious brands including Malibrigo, Shibui, Koigu, Schaefer, Cascade, O-Wool, Noro and Habu. For those of you who have never heard of these names, just imagine touching a beautifully-colored cloud, lined with humanely harvested kitten fur and blessed by whatever deity you like best. This begins to describe these luscious skeins.