How do you get to school? How much more difficult will that be for you once winter sets in?

“My grandpa drives me and I walk. I’ll definitely walk less in the winter.”
– Marissa Pay, exercise science major

“I get to school in a car and it takes 45 minutes. Sometimes I take the 808 bus. It’s probably going to take 20 to 30 minutes longer in the winter.”
– Ty Lundell, working on associate degree

“I drive. I don’t think it’ll be much more different.”
– Brooke Duncan, Graphic Design major

“I drive to school. I think it’ll be a lot harder to park.”
– Sydney Hunt, Graphic Design major

“I live in Payson, and I drive every day. There’ll be a lot of accidents, and I’ll probably have to leave earlier. It’ll be a test of patience and self-control.”
– Michael Moulton, Biology major

“It won’t be as bad as [for] most people. But I’ve got a small car and it slides everywhere.”
– Jesse Wayman, Art major

“I get here by driving. I can tell it’s going to be more time consuming.”
– Hyrum Powell, Criminal Justice major