“I’m freaking pissed!” — B.J. Vest, English – literary studies

“What really upsets me is that they’re pulling up the Wildlife Refuge area for athletics” — Dan Sabin, music and English major

“I think it sucks. They get all this new stuff, and we’re stuck in this old building.” — April Whitmore, art – visual communications major

“I just think it’s dumb. I love sports, but I’m not paying to watch sports — I’m paying to go to school.” — Brendalyn Malzer, graphic design and art major.

“That’s really awful. Out of all the classes we have to take for degrees how many are athletic? I’d like to see better studio equipment for dance and arts; and better lab equipment for science.”
— Tyler Call, Undecided, working on Bachelors of Science

“I don’t know. I would like funding to go to art because I’m an art major, but there are always areas they could be funding.”
— Skylar Marble, Art – Graphic Design major