Recently students from UVSC, BYU, SLCC and Westminster College, along with local volunteers were able to embark on a trip to serve underprivileged kids in Baja, Mexico.

A trip to Baja, Mexico? Sound fun? Well sit back and enjoy the ride, cause it’s 15 hours by mini-van.

Kaiizen is a name that has been thrown around the halls of UVSC and a name that has been becoming increasingly popular. What does it mean? It’s a Japanese word meaning continual improvement.

Kaiizen is a group of individuals that has been getting together about every six months planning and executing trips to Baja, Mexico to help out underprivileged orphans. Headed up by founder Josh Brazier, along with students and community volunteers, the group goes down to Mexico to bring supplies to orphanages. This non-profit organization has one simple goal in mind, "It’s for the kids."

While in Mexico this past month, volunteers were able to visit two orphanages and one elementary school. Sleeping on the beach the night before, volunteers were in charge of putting on a carnival which consisted of a huge game of twister, face painting, doughnut eating contests and ended up in a group water fight. Afterward, volunteers were able to visit the orphanages and play with the kids which brought smiles from ear to ear for each child.

"One of the most rewarding parts about going is when you return on your second or third trip and one of the kids remembers your name. You feel you have gained some type of relationship with them and they look forward to seeing us again," UVSC student volunteer David Boyd said.

On the last day before returning back to Provo, volunteers were able to go back to the school and perform service projects which included building cement ramps for wheelchair access to school classrooms and onto the soccer court. Volunteers also painted a mural, and cleaed up the school yard that was unkempt and somewhat dangerous for the kids. 

These trips are rewarding and enriching. Volunteers see a whole new world that is literally only a few hours away from their homes–to help others feel the same luxuries of having family and friends that some take for granted everyday.

The next trip will be this Nov. 29 though Dec. 2. This trip is the Christmas trip and many volunteers are needed. If you are interested in going on the trip to Mexico or just want to help out, contact The Kaiizen Foundation at their e-mail [email protected]

For making donations, the easiest way is to visit where there is a paypal link in which donations can be made directly. For any other questions pertaining to Kaiizen, call (801) 722-8173.