As was reported in the June 30 issue of UVU Review, Pres. William A. Sederburg has officially accepted the position of Commissioner for the Utah System of Higher Education.

The State Board of Regents announced Tuesday by a unanimous vote that President William A. Sederburg be named as Utah’s seventh Commissioner of Higher Education.

Pres. Sederburg will take office as Commissioner on Aug. 18, succeeding the position left vacant when Dr. Richard E. Kendell retired from the position Dec. 31.

Associate Commissioner Dave Buhler, serving as Interim Commissioner since Jan. 1, will continue in that role until Pres. Sederburg takes office in August.

In a press release, the former president said, “I want you to be aware that I have accepted the position of Commissioner for the Utah System of Higher Education (USHE), which I will assume on August 18, 2008. I also wish to express my appreciation for all you have done to make UVU a great institution.”

Under the leadership of Pres. Sederburg, Utah Valley State College transitioned to Utah Valley University. An integral and impressive part of the transition is the recently opened 190,000 square foot library.

He has been instrumental in the addition of 26 new Baccalaureate Degrees in a variety of fields, the approval of UVU’s first master’s degree, which will be Education, and the hiring an additional 129 faculty members to teach in new degree areas as part of the extensive planning effort on campus to become a comprehensive regional state university.

Sederburg said, “It was not an easy decision to decide whether or not to accept the Commissioner position. I have been so pleased with the creativity and energy demonstrated by UVU over the past few years. We should feel proud of what we have accomplished in becoming a community engaged university.”

Sederburg was mum with the announcement in the days leading up to the UVU transition, including his statement to UVU Review, “Don’t bring me into this thing(speaking of the UVU celebration). I’m going to dodge the question totally”(concerning other job possibilities).

In the press release, Sederburg went on, “I have found it fun and invigorating to work with the faculty, staff and students of UVU. However, I concluded that it was a good time for me to take on new responsibilities in a state that Joyce and I enjoy. I believe that being Commissioner will provide an exciting opportunity to advance higher education throughout the state.”

An interim president will be announced by the Board of Regents in the very near future, after which a full search for the next president will likely begin this fall.

President Sederburg earned a bachelor’s degree in education and political science from Mankato State University in Minnesota and a master’s degree and doctorate both in political science from Michigan State University. He then served in the Michigan state Senate and in various education capacities during a 20-year period.

Pres. Sederburg presided over the transition of Utah Valley State College to Utah Valley University, which began we he took the realm as president in 2003. The change to a university means more funds for UVU, an increase in full-time faculty members, a reduction in adjunct faculty members and the creation of graduate programs among other things.

The Utah System of Higher Education consists of ten public colleges and universities. The office employs over 200 individuals who engage in a range of activities that support Utah’s higher education.

Details of Pres. Sederburg’s job can be found by visiting