The Middle East is a region known for turmoil. However, UVU looked to bring insight from a man who has experienced war and changed his circumstances.

Iraqi Ambassador T. Hamid Al-Bayati, a permanent representative of Iraq to the United Nations since April 2006, spoke on the Middle East state’s transitory challenges on June 1.


The event was held in SC 213B and was free and open to the public.


“Obviously there’s considerable interest in any areas where the United States is heavily engaged,” said Rusty Butler, UVU’s associate Vice President of International Affairs and diplomacy. “Iraqi Ambassador Al-Bayati was a natural to befriend and talk to about coming to UVU to share his perspective on what the future holds for Iraq.”


Previously, Butler met with Al-Bayati last fall at his U.N. mission in New York City, in which he agreed to speak at UVU.


After living in exile for many years in London, Al-Bayati worked to educate the world on the human rights violations taking place under the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. In addition, he led campaigns to win the support of the international community in order to remove Hussein from power.


For some time, Al-Bayati was also imprisoned in Iraq but eventually fled out of the country to avoid execution. Several of Al-Bayati’s family members also faced adversity. Criminals of the former regime kidnapped and killed his brother in 2005.


With grace and humility, Al-Bayati spoke briefly about his mother and the work she accomplished, such as organizing a charity in her own home for those less fortunate during such hostile times in Iraq. As a woman in Iraq, his mother faced many immense struggles for not only her family but as a woman surviving in a country where women are considered less than men.


Today, Al-Bayati has a Master’s Degree from Cairo University, a Doctorate in Politics from Manchester University in England, and Bachelor’s Degree from Baghdad University. Also, Al-Bayati has published over nearly a dozen books and research papers on Iraq’s political struggles to raise awareness for the struggles, outcomes, and further goals he wishes to achieve while working as the Iraqi Ambassador for the United Nations.


“Each one of us in the world need to unite with each other,” Al-Bayati said. “Each one of us is like a drop of water and together we are capable to achieve an ocean of peace.”