Being a university student is an opportunity and challenge. It entails more than achieving your credit hours; it’s a prerequisite to engage in activities outside of the class to complete the university experience. UVU Intramurals provides students with a way to get involved with activities outside the classroom.

Intramurals provide sports and events for students to have an excellent opportunity to get involved with fun and interesting activities on and off campus. Currently about 2,500 students participate in these activities, with numbers increasing annually.

You get to choose something that suits your convenience, status and comfort from more than 50 different sports and events — from soccer to tennis, golf to dodge ball, scavenger hunt to camp challenges, walks and marathons, rock-paper-scissors to extreme eating. The list is endless, and new ideas are welcome.

Intramurals is not only about sports, but also about participating actively in your hobbies. The advantages of engaging yourself in intramurals include learning more about sportsmanship, being physically fit, competition, teamwork, meeting new people and improving your lifestyle. In addition, there are numerous prizes that are given out.

As SuEllen Fried stated, “It’s no sin to attempt and fail. The only sin is to not make the attempt.” Do not just wish for a fantastic life at campus: Get involved.

In a nutshell, intramurals provide a variety of fun activities, stimulating challenges and adventures.

To learn more about intramurals at UVU, you can visit the UVU Intramurals Office, situated opposite of the UVU bookstore, or visit their Web site at