Rob Elzey, the area director over institute and seminary, spoke to UVSC students at the Orem Institute on Friday, March 21. The focus of his devotional was helping students "understand how the Lord teaches his children."

Elzey explained, "Sometimes, the Lord uses children to teach by show and tell. Children are the prime examples of charity, love and humility. It is easier for them to understand many of the teachings of the Lord, and thus the Lord uses them to help teach adults by being examples and by sometimes even reminding others of what is right." 

The Area Director said that the depicted stories from the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the pioneers, and films are examples of "how the Lord uses show and tell. Through these films, people can more easily understand the principles the Savior taught in his holy books, and then showed by his followers and through modern day media."

Elzey focused for a time on visualizing a friend. "Often people think of Him as only a friend or a pal. I also know that we need to adore him as our Lord, as our Redeemer, as our King of kings. People have been told of the Savior, but they need to visualize him as he really is and how he can help each person in his or her life."

Elzey finished by saying, "If you will testify and express conviction, the Lord will not just tell, but he will show. As you express truth you will see in your mind’s eye those things that Heavenly Father would have you understand about that principle." Elzey told the students that their responsibility is to help with this process. He quoted LDS leader President Henry Eyring in saying, "when the spirit confirms eternal truth, there is always something to be done about it." In other words, Elzey explained the responsibility that each student has to tell what he or she considers to be truth.

Devotionals are Friday at noon in the institute building.