Student involvement and input is greatly needed to further programs at UVSC, especially in its transition to university status. One such program is Information Technology (IT) and Computing. For this purpose, UVSC will be hosting IT Days, Tuesday through Thursday.

“I love working with students and others to make (UVSC) better for everyone,” Ray Walker, associate vice president for information technology, stated. “In the past, IT Days has brought about support and discussion. The input from these events is invaluable. “

This invaluable information is expected of those who attend: ideas that can and will improve the systems, Web sites, and computer resources found throughout the college. 

IT Days makes a point to excite, involve and open channels of communication among students, faculty and staff.  This is done through several activities during the week. These activities include training and communication that is taught to those who participate, so that they can learn more about the technology available to them and how to bring about change.

“We hope that we can find out what we do well, what we do poorly, and what we aren’t doing that people would like us to do to provide the computing resources and systems that help us in the business and learning of UVU,” Walker said.

Some of the earlier topics discussed at ID Days include free wireless, wireless printing, changes in UVLink, and changes on the UVSC web site. As a result, students now have access to free wireless Internet and printing inside the walls of the school.

The first two events take place Tuesday, with a student focus. Displays and Q&A’s will be shown in the Hall of Flags. 
Examples of some of the displays include UV Link, Student Computing, Campus Wireless, Help Desk, and more. The Help Desk will have 3 people on site to answer any questions or troubleshoot problems with students. They will also be giving out free software to students.

 In Center Stage at 10 a.m., there will be a showing of the movie "Sneakers.”  Following the movie will be an “Ask the CIO” lunch for the students. At the lunch will be free pizza for the students. They can also enter a drawing for a free video iPod and more.

Wednesday has more of a faculty focus. In the morning there is an open house/ask for help session, followed by a continental breakfast that lasts until a Q&A session served with lunch. To end the day, Phil Windley will be speaking on changes in technology.

Thursday is the staff focus: one session for the technical staff and the other for administrative support. The sessions include software purchasing, e-mail, security & firewall, wireless, help desk issues, etc, with an “Ask the Executive Staff” lunch in the middle.  There will, as always, be a drawing for prizes.

IT Days is part of the country wide Career and Technical Education Month.