“I’ve never seen it that way. I celebrate Samhain, a festival for the dead and the ancestors whose guidance I seek. While others associate death with violence, to me it is simply an aspect of the life cycle to be celebrated like any other, rather than reviled, condemned or feared.”
—Loraine Gholdston, features writer

“Halloween is just a fun holiday.  Yes, sometimes people can take it to extremes, but you get that with a lot of things. The holiday itself is not a problem. Originally, it was just a celebration to commemorate the dead, though now it has changed into more of a holiday to dress up and pig out on candy. It’s all in good fun as long as you don’t take it to extremes.”
—Colby Kelley, features writer

“Kill all humans!!!”
—David Self Newlin, editor-in-chief of UVU Review

“Considering other pagan holidays have been replaced with Christian equivalents, I’m happy there’s one left, even if it’s been bastardized. It’s the pagan New Year’s Eve when they commune with the dead.”
—Lorna Marie Larson, features writer

“Definitely the best holiday.  It gives everyone an excuse to act like a zombie, eat candy and party hard.  Violence is just another part of human nature – I’m glad we have a holiday to celebrate it.”
-Andre Kalt, features writer

“Well, in my opinion it’s just a fun holiday, brings back good memories.  As for the violence, I think slowly it is getting worse.”
—Steve Pew, culture writer