Every year it happens: Halloween rolls around and everyone goes out hunting for costumes. Guys don bananas, doctors, creepy clowns and all sorts of similar costumes. Some women, however, have different tastes in costumes; they seem to go for things with less fabric.

You can see it for yourself, just take a trip down the costume aisle at your local store. The men’s costumes fit about three to a peg because there is so much included with them. The women’s racks can fit quite a few more however, because there is just not a lot to them.

Do you wonder why this is? Why have women’s costumes gotten so teeny? Is it the women that have driven the market, or perhaps does the market have limited choices for ladies in search of a costume?

Or maybe it’s because Halloween allows people to be whatever they want, and some women just want to feel sexy and empowered.


Costumes are something to hide behind; they allow us to become something we would never be on any other day, and guys take advantage of that to become their own heroes or someone else’s worst nightmare. Women, it seems, just like to see how little they can wear and how many guys they can get to ogle them. Not all women enjoy this, just some, and the ones that do enjoy it seem to be increasing in number.

Whatever the reason for this trend, most guys enjoy it, and while it is Halloween women need to be careful about how they act. It may be a night of fun in your mind, but guys will remember you in that costume, so maybe a little bit more fabric might be a good idea.

Let’s keep Halloween from becoming too slutty.