“Alternative methods of healing.”
-Emily Ballstaedt, features writer

“Men seeking men’ Craigslist hookup culture in Orem and Provo.”
-Matthew A. Jonassaint, opinions editor

“I’m currently fascinated with how rivers are formed. If we could take thousands of
years and record a documentary about water cutting into the earth, setting a course and then meandering from it, my life may be complete. Well, I guess in the time it would take to make it, my life WOULD be completed.”
-Celeste Tholen, assistant opinions editor

“I’d like to do a documentary about for-profit education in the United States.”
-Nadia Ashtawy, assistant features editor

“My documentary would be a history of terrible cinema, from Santa Claus
Conquers the Martians to Catwoman.”
-Cameron Simek, features writer