“Cherith Cutestory the Bard. My Weapon? The Fiery Dagger of Herpes.”
– Jarom Moore, Asst. News Editor

“I’d be a pirate, named Kelly the Cannon”
– Kelly Cannon, Asst. Culture Editor

“Majorie Crump. She’s a mystic. With the power of Jesus.”
– Nadia Ashtawy, Co-Editor of the V

“I’d be the drunk, crazy hermit who avoids those LARPer geeks at all costs. At my house. My weapon is beer. “
–  Mike Sanborn, Asst. Opinions Editor


“I’d be a wizard of…dark magic or light magic?…No! FIRE magic! And I would burn stuff! Or People!”
– Sterling Gray, Asst. News Editor

“I had to google “LARP”. I’m still unsure what it is.”
–  Celeste Rosenlof, Opinions Editor