Thanksgiving or Christmas day meal, the average American eats an alleged 8,000 calories. That is about four times more calories than what the average person needs. With all of the candy and large quantities of food, it is no wonder that come New Year’s a popular resolution is to lose weight. Here are some tips to remember to help avoid packing on the extra pounds this holiday season.

Go easy on the appetizers.

Unknowingly you can eat hundreds of calories, without really eating anything at all. A chocolate here, a dinner roll there, and dip and chips whenever you pass by — it can add up to a meal. If you are getting the munchies before the meal, go for the veggie tray or have a glass of water.

Skip the sweetened drinks or holiday spirits.

One daiquiri is about 258 calories; even a glass of cranberry-apple juice has about 300 calories and has about 60 grams of sugar. Think of how long it will take to burn 300 calories on a treadmill, and water will start to look like a great option.

Don’t let one bad day get you off track.

After all it is the holidays, so don’t be too bah-hum-bug about your Christmas feast. Christmas is just one day of indulgence. But don’t let leftovers or plates of goodies lay around forever — it can be a good idea to give away or get rid of leftover junk food after Christmas.

Go for a Walk.

Before or after you eat, take a walk. It feels better to take a walk after a meal than to sit and slowly digest. Also, walking with family or company is a good way to exercise and enjoy each other.