“Winterizing” is a term generally only associated only with middle-aged homeowners with responsibilities, foresight and plumbing expenses. But even the most transient and delinquent of college students can benefit from a good thoughtful winterizing.

1. Cover the basics: Take care of your car and your home. Check your antifreeze, the treads of your tires and move a few blankets into your car. Give both your car and your home a good deep clean, because cleaning when it’s cold is miserable.

2. Stock up on healthy canned food, so you won’t have to make a trip to the grocery store at midnight in December.

3. Send your coat to the drycleaners. It may seem like a meaningless expense, but trust me: you’ll get stinky fast without a clean start.

4. Tend to social obligations – you don’t want to have to brave icy freeway traffic to visit nephews or ex-roommates.