The wilderness is a dangerous place, but there are many ways to survive the danger finds you.

Everyone whines about how hard survival is, but it’s actually very simple. With a few tips, the average person could survive in the wilderness with little to no physical exertion.

These tips are for a multiple person type survival scenario. If you happen to get lost alone in the woods, you’ll actually have to do some work.

1. Always bring plenty of food. This is important, because the hungrier people get, the more they may notice your lack of movement. Also, if you have food, then that is your job. No one expects the person with food to do anything.


2. Feign injury, or actually get injured. This is extremely important, as fit people are expected to hold their own in a
survival situation. An injured person is always pampered, and is generally rescued first as well.

3. Don’t draw attention to the fact that you are doing nothing. This may require a small amount of exertion on your part.

Now, we’ve covered survival a little bit, but how about just regular old camping? Camping does require a small amount of prep work in order to succeed in not doing anything.  Keep tips one and three in mind, but tips two and four are going overboard for a friendly camping trip.

All you really need to do is help your friends load up before you head out to the campsite, that way you can determine what items are the easist to carry out to the campsite.  After you’ve done this, relax, keep your friends fed and enjoy nature.