The most romantic day of the year has yet again arrived and your evening plans are crucial to whether the night will be successful or not. Breaking tradition and planning for the worst will be the key to your success.


If you’re intention for the evening had been on having a typical dinner and a movie with your date, think again. That is, unless you’re trying to be cliché, unoriginal and just plain corny. Don’t waste your sweetie’s time on the most romantic day of the year.


It’s Feb 14, the day is still young and there are hours left to plan before your evening arrives. You need to plan something creative that your honey will remember forever. Don’t do something just because you’ve heard everyone else is doing it. The day will be so much more personal if you prepare an evening from the bottom of your heart.


So what type of date is out of the ordinary and will blow your own date’s mind? Why not really escape for the night and go to downtown Salt Lake City; only 45 minutes out of Orem and just far enough away to be out of Utah County.


As you’r planning your trip, be mindful of your plans for transportation. If your wallet can hold out for the night, plan a surprise limo ride for your date that will create the beginning sparkle in your date’s eyes to shine all night.


Don’t tell her what you’re doing but tell her to dress nice so she’ll know to expect something out of the ordinary.


Bring a bottle of sparkling cider to celebrate your romance on the drive downtown and enjoy each other’s company, just the two of you with no interruptions. Once you get downtown be sure to stop at your favorite sites and parks. Stopping at a park is a must so you can star gaze and cuddle with your sweetheart.


Is a limo not quite in the budget? It would make sense, considering we are all stereotyped as poor college students, in most situations that stereotype being accurate.


But don’t let the fact that you don’t have an unlimited fund on your credit card affect your night. Still go and get out of town with a special romance by planning a carriage ride. Nothing could compare to get your dates butterflies flying around their stomach.


Make reservations for your preferred time, considering the fact that the services will be much busier than your average day of the year. And don’t worry about making dinner, plan and pack a special picnic to eat in your carriage ride as you snuggle up close and appreciate the sites the city has to offer.


Although a perfectly planned night seems like it could never go wrong with all of that hard work, coordinating and time checking, detours always arise. Your date might have to stay late in a class, get off work at a later shift, or what if your reservation was double booked? You always have to have a back up plan, and a good one, for Valentines Days’ sake.


Say your restaurant ended up double booking your reservation and you had really been set on going there and don’t want to let your date down.


Why let your plans completely crumble? The only reason you can’t eat there is because they have a lack of service and tables for the night, but if you get an order to go and take it home with you, you are not occupying any space or service.


Don’t let that be a letdown, either: to intensify your meal, be creative and blindfold each other as you eat so you have a better sense of taste and texture, as it’s a mystery to your mouths. To add some extra romance, eat by candlelight and let the room sing romance with rose pedals.


If your activity for the night fell through, don’t sit around doing nothing, be spontaneous! Grab a cozy coat and some fuzzy socks and head out to your nearest ice-skating rink. Intertwine hands as you share laughter, adrenaline and clumsy moments. After many laps around the rink as your feet have frozen and your fingers numbed, go grab some hot chocolate at Starbucks to warm up and cuddle up by the fire talking the night away.


Whether your plans go “according to plan” or not, don’t let anything get in the way of letting this day being any less than spectacular. Have plans and have a back up plan or two to dazzle your date with immaculate planning.


By Brianna Bailey