As a growing university, UVU continually adds degrees for its students. Along with the standard degrees offered at most accredited universities, UVU has less common options for its students.


The Aviation Science program at UVU has the third largest enrollment in the United States. Students hoping to obtain a bachelor’s degree can choose two specific paths: take an emphasis of aviation administration or study to be a professional pilot. Resources available to students include a fleet of 25 aircraft and flight simulators. Students are invited to take tours of the facilities.


Four years of school can be daunting, but UVU offers plenty of one-year programs including certifications in paramedics, substance abuse counseling, emergency services and cabinetry, to name a few.  With information available online and in UVU’s Academic Counseling Center, students can find out what they need to have to complete requirements for their desired career path.


Since UVU is the only university in Utah to offer a culinary arts program, graduates from this program are in high demand and have many options available to them. Students in this program will have experiences preparing meals for well-attended events at UVU. There is a scholarship available which students are encouraged to apply for every semester.


Also available only at UVU is the gaming emphasis in the digital media major. Tied with animation, this emphasis offers students the opportunity to learn the skills they would need for a career in video game creation. Internships are available and encouraged.


UVU has career counseling available to students who are undecided about which degree to choose, or where to take the degree they have earned. A ‘reality check’ quiz is available on the counseling website which students can use to help them explore future career options. is another tool available to students who are undecided about their futures, with assessments available for students to take and then analyze with their academic advisor.