It’s true: UVU does not have on-campus housing, but we have something even better: large housing complexes that are competing for student business by continually adding new amenities each year, and the UVU Off-Campus Housing Web site is designed to connect students to these complexes.

The Off-Campus Housing Web site has recently gone through a complete revamp to make it more user-friendly, to accommodate listings for large complexes and community rentals in the Orem-Provo area, and also to advertise students who are trying to sell their contracts.

“The Web site is a service that we’re providing for the UVU community,? said Campus Connection manager Dawn Burgess. “It’s easier for students to visit one Web site than to hunt through housing brochures because it is specific to the Utah Valley community.”

Students seeking housing are able to search for listings by city, rent price, number of rooms, unit type, and minimum and
maximum rent price.

Burgess said listings are not limited to the Provo-Orem area. There are also listing throughout Utah County, from Lehi to Payson, and also for married, single and family housing.
“Using the housing Web site, UVU students can connect with other students who are trying to get out of their contracts,” said Gus Pacchiega, Campus Connection assistant manager. “In most cases, these students are desperate to sell their contracts, and you can find great bargains like people who are willing to pay first monthís rent or deposit fees.”

A few new features of the housing Web site include a UTA route finder, with which students can look for bus routes to and from the UVU campus, and a map for each listing of where the complex is located.

Burgess said that the Web site also allows for landlords and students selling their contracts to upload photos of their rental unit.

Students looking to sell their contracts need to create an account online, list their contract, and the listing will stay active in the housing Web site for 14 days.

For more information, visit the UVU Off-Campus Housing Web site at