UVU Army ROTC honored all Veterans on Nov. 11. Shane Maryott/UVU Review

Veterans Day provides the opportunity for Americans to take a moment to pay tribute to those who fought for this country and defended freedom.

In honor of all Veterans, the UVU Army ROTC held a Veterans Day ceremony on Nov. 11 in the courtyard.

About 100 people attended the event, including students from Vineyard Elementary school, to show their appreciation and support. The school brought 75 of their young students along for the event.

Orem native Colonel Jerry R. Acton was the guest speaker at the ceremony and he shared some of the history behind Veterans Day. This was followed by some of his personal experiences in the military.

Erick R. Wiedmeier, an assistant professor of Military Science who worked hard to make this event possible, shared some of his favorite moments from the event.

“Colonel Acton spoke about being away from home in Afghanistan and remembered that some of the best times were receiving care packages from local elementary school kids,” Wiedmeier said. “He thanked the elementary students for those good memories. He also thanked the veterans for their hard work.”

In response to the event’s success, Wiedmeier said, “Today went well. I appreciate those who were able to come out and be there despite the cold weather. It was a great day to honor our surviving veterans. I encourage family members and friends to call the veterans and military servants they know, and thank them for their service to our country.”

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