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Question: I get headaches on a regular basis, how can I get rid of them?


Prevention is key. Being healthy prevents pain, injuries and disease. Remember, the causes of headaches are often stress, muscle or circulation related.


So how can you prevent headaches?


Meditation, Exercise, Diet.


When we meditate we give our bodies and minds opportunities to practice silence and being still. This interrupts the “stress chemistry” that develops over time with our busy schedules. It also “teaches” the mind how to be quiet, which creates “peace chemistry” and ultimately diminishes the effects of stress.


It can be overwhelming to think about making exercising an integral part of our lives, but in the end, the payoff is far greater than the sacrifice. Activities like yoga can prevent headaches as well as back pain and general injury. Also, while many exercise experts stress weight training for weight loss, cardio based exercises are also important. Circulation is necessary for our keeping our muscles and organs, including our brain, well supplied with nutrient-rich blood, making our body better able to respond to stress and injury. If you’re not sure where to start feel free to write. Improving our energy and stamina gets easier over time.


The diet for optimal health is raw veggies and fruit, grains, and protein, but this is getting more and more difficult to maintain for most of us. Some ways to offset the fast, processed and overcooked food is to add supplements or things like “green drink” to your diet. Healthy consumption = healthy body = less stress on the body = less headaches.


Also, headaches are often the result of dehydration. Drinking enough water can help prevent the onset of headaches.


During a headache a person can use mainstream methods and/or alternative ones like, pressure points, essential oils and meditation. Questions and comments: [email protected]


By Abbey Eliason