The third annual "Giving of the Green" took place March 17-20. This year the money that was raised will go toward the new library. Students were given the opportunity to donate $50, with donors matching each of these contributions with $100.

Each student who donated $50 will have his or her name put somewhere on the new library in return for their generosity. The Student Alumni Board, which is in charge of "Giving of the Green," considered putting the names on bricks or plaques, but has decided to put all the names on a stone.

"They’ll be out on a big stone in front of the library," said Todd Fugal, president of the Student Alumni Board. "Our goal is to have it ready by July 1."

This was a worthy award for those who chose to donate and have their"legacy set in stone" as part of the new library.
According to Fugal, they were expecting around 60 students to donate, but ended up having 193 students who donated to the fund. This amounted to $9,650 in student donations.

With donors matching $100 for every $50, the total sum ended up at $28,950, a figure that was raised over a short four-day period.

The "Giving of the Green" started in March 2006 as a campaign to motivate students to donate their spare change for the creation of new scholarships. With its success, the Student Alumni Board continued the campaign each year during St. Patrick’s Day.