UVSC’s automotive department is looking to improve its program and to give more experience to its student’s by looking for people who are willing to donate old, new, or used cars, which in turn is a great way to receive a tax write-off for donators.

In the past, cars have been brought in to be donated to the school. This has been a huge benefit to the school’s automotive program, collision repair department, as well as to the donators. When bringing in a car to donate to the department, donators are given a receipt for the car’s determined worth. Donators will sign the car over to UVSC and receive a letter from the school which states that a car was donated to the school for training purposes.

"Most of the cars that are donated are worn out, or there is something wrong with them. So people will donate them, which gives my guys the experience to learn how to re-build the engine, brakes and so on," said UVSC automotive professor Todd Low. "We’ll pull it apart and rebuild it a few times and the educational part of this is great for us and our students."

The automotive department accepts and is in need for educational purposes of your old or new cars that have been in accidents, or are unused. This donation process has been a crucial part of the education experience for students and a help to the program’s growth, to give students the experience that is required to further their skills.

For more information about donating a car, please contact the UVSC automotive department office at (801) 863-8124.