The holiday season is upon us, but don’t get too cozy. The holidays are filled with not-so-fond memories of unsightly holiday sweaters, family-portrait Christmas card sessions, and the nag, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” As college students, it is our duty to take the lemons of the season and make lemonade.

One of the best ways to do this is to throw an Ugly Holiday Sweater Party, where the goal is to be as hideously kitschy as possible. With every great theme party comes great responsibility, so use the list below to get started. And don’t forget to have fun.

1. That memory you have of Great Aunt Helen at the family holiday party — on steroids results an extreme caricature of a sweet lady and memory, and the outfit you’re going for. Add gaudy jewelry, a turtleneck, or `80s hairstyle to really bring the ensemble together.

2. There is no better place to get your ugly on than the local thrift shop. Head over to Deseret Industries to check out the local selection of holiday sweaters, and revel in all their fugly glory.

3. Consider the following for party activities: decorating Christmas cookies with pastel or ugly colored frostings; screening a classic Christmas movie (such as A CHRISTMAS STORY); giving awards for the ugliest sweater worn; exchanging white elephant gifts; or using a digital camera to snap portraits of all participants in the style of photo Christmas cards. Create your own activities: the more ridiculous, the better.

4. Let’s be honest: No one wants to attend an Ugly Holiday Sweater Party to see someone dressed cute. It throws every ugly-dressed person attending the party, so please don’t ruin it with your lack of enthusiasm. Certainly it’s always better to throw caution to the wind and err on the side of extreme gaudiness.

5. Do you have a random item you’ve received as a gift that you hate and don’t know what to do with? (Doesn’t everyone?) Tell your guests to bring it along for a group re-gifting activity.