Student-run journals on campus

For students preparing to apply for graduate programs, seeking to bolster their resume or who merely want to draw attention to their hard work, student journals offer the perfect opportunity to gain the spotlight.

There are still several opportunities for students who wish to submit to journals on campus. Many departments offer opportunities for students to submit to on-campus journals and magazines.

Perhaps the two most well-known journals on campus are Touchstones and Warp and Weave, journals that are published by the English department.

Touchstones is a literature and art magazine that accepts poetry, prose, art and photography from students. Warp and Weave accepts science-fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction pieces in form of comics, stories, plays, art and poetry. Although both of their deadlines have passed, these journals from the English department print in both the fall and spring semesters.

There are several journals seeking to publish their inaugural issues. Kronos, the Honors interdisciplinary journal, had a rocky start last year, but promises to publish later this spring. They are accepting submission in any form of media through March 15.

As the new critical literary journal on campus, Essais offers an opportunity for students to present their own insights in the study, evaluation and interpretation of literature. Essais will be accepting submissions through Feb. 18.

For those more inclined to submit academic papers related to fields of science rather than literature, the Behavioral Science Undergraduate Journal accepts submissions at the ends of the Spring and Fall semesters and publishes once a year in the fall. This journal accepts submissions from sociology, anthropology, psychology or social work students.  Submissions must be based on original qualitative or quantitative research, as well as library research.

Crescat Scientia, the History Department journal, publishes academic papers related to the study of history.

Submitted pieces do not have to be new pieces of work specifically for a journal.  The same essays, short stories and poems that students have written for class are eligible for submission to journals.

In addition to submitting work, students can also volunteer with many of the journals.  As most of the journals on campus are student-run, many students can fill positions for editors, graphic designers and more.

Interested parties can contact the sponsoring departments of the respective journal to find submission forms or to learn more information about publication dates, submission deadlines and possible staff positions.