The UVU North campus offers more options for students at the north end of the valley. Lyndi Bone/UVU Review

UVU is expanding again, all the way to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi.

Beginning this summer, students can enjoy the convenience of an additional campus: UVU North at Thanksgiving Point, located upstairs in the new Mountainland Applied Technology College (MATC) at 2301 West Ashton Blvd. in Lehi.

The Office of Extended Studies coordinates off-campus sites to give students opportunities to obtain their education through non-traditional times and locations.

According to Ruth Gowans, Manager for Off-Campus Programs, MATC invited UVU to use the building.

“It’s a good partnership for both entities,” Gowans said. “We’re both trying to serve students.”

Over 400 students were attending evening courses at the Lehi Junior High site, but it had little parking and classes were held in trailers. With the move to the new building, Extended Studies is now able to offer day and summer courses as well as new classrooms.

“We’re extremely ecstatic about this move,” Gowans said. “It’s a great location, a beautiful building and a good fit for us,”
This summer Extended Studies is offering 22 courses, which include a wide variety from American Civilization to Writing. All courses are 1000 and 2000 level courses that fill General Education requirements. Students will also be able to fulfill the coursework needed for an Individualized Associate Degree.

According to Gowans, students can be assured classes will be taught by great instructors. She said many hours were spent looking at evaluations and making sure students were happy with the instructors who have been chosen to teach at UVU North.

Tuition is the same as the main campus and based on the number of credit hours. However, resident tuition is offered to everyone registering for summer classes.

Student fees are not charged for classes held at off-campus locations but there is a $52 course fee charged for each class.

Students will enjoy free parking at UVU North during the summer but officials are watching the impact the increased traffic will have on the campus before determining the future of parking fees.

Although there is not a computer lab available for student use at the new campus, it does offer wireless Internet access.

Currently, a cafeteria is open during the day and the hours may be extended with the increase in the number of students and night classes.

Registration has already started for Summer 2011 through UVLink and classes are beginning to fill. Fall 2011 will see an expansion of courses with a total of 39 offered, including two 3000 level classes.