People who think that their high school years comprised the best time of of their lives are subnormal, with maybe a bit of a masochistic streak.

Most folks wouldn’t revisit those troubled times of raging hormones, teenage angst and prodigious acne on a bet. And these are the straight people.

Imagine having to traverse the savage halls of your high school as a transgender student – who do you relate to? How do you communicate an experience that most of your peers eschew to even mention, let alone comprehend?

Fortunately, for transgender youth in the Salt Lake area, there is an outlet. The Utah Pride Center, 355 N. 300 W., Salt Lake City, is now offering a social night offered specifically for intersex youth ages 14 to 20. Christened Genderland – where, according to the flyer, life is grand –  the event is held every Tuesday from 3pm to 7pm in the TINT, a section of the Utah Pride Center specifically devoted to aiding LGBTQ youngsters. Trans youth, along with their friends and allies, are invited to come watch films, play games and talk about their experiences with like-minded people.


In addition to Genderland, the Utah Pride Center also offers a Transgender Youth Support Group every Thursday night and a Queer Youth Group Night on Fridays, also open to transgenders in addition to gay and lesbian kids.

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