- Connor Allen/UVU REVIEW

Some may notice when walking in the Student Center and looking for a place to sit, that there are various benches with plaques on them. They all say varying things, from student health services, UVU bookstore, UVU student center, Village on the parkway housing with a number to call if interested, and even one sponsored by the Smith-Houston family.


What are the benches named for, and what the significance is of their location in the Sorensen Student Center.



In early 2000, the Sorensen Student Center was undergoing an expansion and renovation.


It was designed with Old English light fixtures, tile floor and benches, all to create a desired feeling when students were walking through the center.


Ken Matthews, the senior director of Auxiliary Service and the Sorensen Student Center, said, “We wanted to create an outdoor atmosphere and ambience. Park benches were a part of it.”


But after finishing the project, they weren’t sure it was in the Sorensen Center’s operating budget to purchase the benches.


“We extended the opportunity to campus departments and businesses in the community to purchase the benches for us,” Matthews said.


All the businesses, departments and families were rewarded for their donation with the plaques that are now on the benches. Because of the money they donated, all 12 benches in the Student Center gave the project its finishing touch.


By Chelsea Hunter
News Writer