Students celebrate the founding of this institution by enjoying cake and ice cream. Nate Baldwin/UVU Review

The Student Alumni Association handed out birthday cake and ice cream in honor of the school’s birthday on Wednesday, Sept. 15, at Center Stage and the Zone in the student center.

The gathering is held annually every 3rd Wednesday in September, and is meant to honor the school’s founding.

“We hold this event on a Wednesday as part of promoting Wolverine Wednesday,” said Parker Donat of the Student Alumni Association. “Wednesdays have a tradition of being a day of celebration for the school.”

In addition to cake and ice cream, the event featured a large fake cake for students to pose by and have their photo taken. Students may then add the photos to their Student Alumni Traditions book.

“The traditions book encourages students to become engaged with campus, especially the traditions of campus,” Donat said.

Student, Terri Dunkley, was on hand for the festivities.

“These events help me feel connected to campus and they’re usually pretty fun,” Dunkley said.

Cindy Bell, another student on campus, said she enjoys attending the Wednesday events and learning about upcoming events “even though they’re all past my bedtime.”

The event also made computers available to students who wanted to join the Student Alumni Association. Upon joining the Student Alumni Association, students will receive free breakfast each Wednesday at the Alumni House for a year. Members also receive a free T-shirt and a wolverine patch.