Money plays a major factor in whether or not college students complete their degree.


A poll taken by the Associated Press-Viacom showed that more college students drop out of college due to financial struggles than the result of poor grades.


According to an article titled “Poll: Money Problems Reason College Students Might Drop Out,” by Connie Cass with the Associated Press, the number of students that pay for school through student loans is “6 in 10 students.” She discovered that close to half of those students do not feel comfortable with the debt they have to take on for school.


UVU offers federal financial aid to students in need of assistance to cover tuition and other costs associated with college. However, many students in attendance are not aware of the aid that is available to them. Students are leaving school because they cannot afford the costs and do not know that there is financial aid available for them to utilize.


The university provides financial aid to all eligible students, with no discrimination of race, ethnic origin, age, disability, or sex. It is offered for 6, 9 and 12 credits. There are a few steps that any student seeking financial aid must follow.


Once you have been accepted to the school, students can apply for a Federal Financial Aid PIN. This application only needs to be submitted once as it is valid for each year a student is in attendance. The PIN serves as your electronic signature and can be used to access your Federal Student Aid records online.


Complete the free FAFSA Online form. Follow the steps outlined on their website and make note that UVU’s school code is “004027”, which the university requires in order for them to receive your FAFSA.


Beginning Fall of 2012, the FAFSA application process will require students to retrieve their tax information from the IRS system. Your FAFSA needs to be submitted 2-3 weeks after you have submitted federal taxes to allow retrieval time of your income from the IRS system to be put with your FAFSA application.


The UVU Financial Aid Data Form and Loan Counseling will need to be completed each school year through UV Link, and each semester you will fill out the “Verify Your Plans to Attend” form one month before the start of a semester.


Remember to always check your UVU email for updates or additional requirements throughout your Financial Aid application process.


One to two business days after your application has been submitted, under student services and financial aid on UVLink, you can view if your award has been accepted. Once accepted the money will be applied to your UVLink Balance and any remaining money will be mailed to you.


Sarah Griener, a UVU student, feels the process is fairly easy.


“It’s easy to figure out, and the assistance you receive far outweighs the time you put into it,” Griener said. “My parents have not been in a situation to help me with college at all, so if I get federal aid to pay tuition, it allows me to work part time to pay for rent and bills.”


*more updates to come on recent changes.


For more information about UVU’s Financial Aid visit the website at


Bursars Office 801-863-7200

Admissions Office 801-863-8466

One stop 801-863-4636

Academic Counseling 801-863-8425

UVU Operator 801-863-INFO

Scholarships 801-863-6132


By Kaiti Pratt
News Writer