Fall usually means warm, earthy tones, but this season is making a statement with bold, bright colors.


Bold, dark lashes and eyebrows:

It’s time to play up those eyes. Choose an eyebrow pencil that is a shade or two darker than your hair color and define your brows using short, fine strokes. Make sure to blend it in with a spool. To get dark, luscious lashes, use a very black shade of mascara and layer it on your eyelashes. If you’re good with false lashes, now is the time to get them out.



Metallic eye shadows:

Metals have never been more precious than this season. Think coppers, silvers, golds, bronzes and shimmery taupes when scoping out eye makeup. Metallic shades tend to be shimmery and help inject some life into those dull autumn months.


Bright eye shadows:

Do not put away all of your fun summer shadows. Fall is welcoming bright colors into its fold. Bright blues, greens, purples and even pinks and reds and yellows complete your fall look when tastefully used. That being said, please be careful when using. We do not need a comeback of 80s makeup.


Winged-out eyeliner:

It’s all about the eyes. If you’re not good with liquid or gel liners, it’s time to practice. Find the right “wing” shape for your eye and adjust it accordingly for day to night. Wing-out liner draws attention to your eyes and makes your eyelashes look longer and fuller. It can be tricky, but if done correctly, the results are dramatically stunning.


Bright colors aren’t just for your eyes this fall. Lip colors are just as bright. Think reds, corals and shades with purple undertones. Don’t be afraid of them, but remember, not every shade of red is going to go with every woman. Find a shade that works with your skin tone, and doesn’t wash you out or make you look like a clown.



Blush can be a girl’s best friend in fall and winter months. This fall, find a good go-to peach blush. The peach tone will add “summer” color to your skin which we all tend to loose by mid-October. Though bronzer can counteract the loss of color, let peach blush help you glow this season.



Everything we watch nowadays is in high definition, so shouldn’t real life be in HD too? Makeup Forever has a life of HD foundations as well as an amazing HD setting powder. Already have a foundation you love? Just apply the HD setting powder on top. Once you go HD, you’ll never go back.



If you’re like the average woman, your skin isn’t perfect. Using a color-correcting primer can really help even out your skin tone, and take away any redness the cold inflicts on your face. Apply a light layer underneath foundation and continue your makeup routine as usual. Plus side: It also helps keep your makeup in place throughout the day.